Chicken Rainbow Salad with Honey Almond and Mustard Dressing

Are you feeling bored? So make your mood vibrant with nutrient-dense food, colorful, healthy food. Yes, it’s time to enjoy the delicious salads. Salad ideas are boundless with seasons, but this is the best season to make salads because spring and summer come with colorful vegetables and fruits. These healthy fruits and vegetables need to be enjoyed. It is not easy to find delicious and simple salad recipes online that guarantee flavor. I have some awesome ideas for making your day special with a delicious salad recipe. You have thousands of nutrients and flavors in a single bowl. Imagine; what a treat it is?

        i.            The Rainbow of colorful fruits and vegetables

Chicken rainbow salad with delicious dressing will make you active by providing energy, making your day and mood lively. Chicken chunks with seasonal vegetables and juicy sauce give the feel of pleasure. Feel glad to eat a rainbow salad with juicy berries and grapes, cheese, crispy lettuce, fresh spinach, juicy beetroot and Tender chicken, crusty almonds, with mustard and organic honey dressing.

For making my delicious bowl of salad, I love to use blueberries and grapes, but you can go to find out more fruit hanging out in your refrigerator.

      ii.            Almond Honey Mustard Dressing,

The real credit goes to the dressing in this salad; dressing is the crown’s jewel. This dressing gives a more rustic feeling than a regular one because of the almond butter; it adds a smooth texture. The perfect sweetness and an ultra-creamy texture of almond butter with honey mustard are super delicious. 

It’s not a boring salad; crispy and tender greenery, beetroot and chicken chunks made every bite full of fun. Let’s enjoy the simple and delicious salad.

a.      Ingredients Detail

                                            i.            Ingredients for Salad

·         Olive oil two teaspoon

·         Chicken breast boneless 6 ounces 

·         Salt as per your requirement  

·         Black pepper ¼   teaspoon 

·         Red chili flakes ½  teaspoon (optional)

·         Blueberries  (fresh or frozen)1 cup  

·         Grapes 1 cup 

·         Chopped beetroot ½ cup

·         Spinach chopped ½ cup 

·         Chopped curly lettuce, 2 cup 

·         Almonds, chopped 1/3 cup 

                                          ii.            Ingredients for the Salad Dressing

·         Olive oil one tablespoon 

·         Water 3 tablespoon 

·         Freshly orange juice 2 tablespoons 

·         Almond butter 2 tablespoons 

·         Stone-ground mustard1 tablespoon 

·         Organic honey 2  tablespoons 

·         Salt to taste

·         Garlic cloves  3-4

b.      How to Prep?

·         Heat a pan on medium heat; add oil, chicken, chili powered, salt, and black pepper; cook until chicken turns to nice light brown color. Please turn off the heat and set it aside to slow down its temperature.

·         Take a large bowl to add cooked chicken chunks, salt, olive oil, chopped fruits, and vegetables; toss all together

·         Put this bowl in the fridge to chill

·         Add all dressing ingredients to the food processor; make a smooth paste

·         Add dressing over the chilled salad mix them well

·         Frost your salad bowl with crushed almonds and serve.


·         If you are allergic to nuts, replace almonds with sunflower seeds, and almond butter with sunflower seed butter

·         If you are vegetarian, you can replace chicken with baby corns or chickpeas

You can use this salad as a side dish, but if you are working on losing weight, then this salad is enough to give you feel of fullness and strength  

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