Fish Pie: A Family Meal

Fish is a superfood, and it should be an essential part of our regular diet because of its magical nutrients values. There are many ways to consume fish, but fish pie is one of the supper ways to make your dinner table more healthy and versatile. This supper dish with super taste is economical and effortless to make. There is nothing to beat this creamy dish. That's why it is frequently repeated at my dining.  This fish pie is made with a combination of different fishes so that you can use any readily available type of fish. Fish pie is a smooth and cheesy dish with mashed fluffy potatoes. Parsley and leeks add a lot of richness. 

Fish Pie

Fish Pie Recipe

If your family is carnivorous and fish lover and you want to make them happy with delicious food, try my supper recipe; I am sure everybody will clear their plates and ask for more. A combination of unsmoked fish (regular fish) and smoked fish (orange fish/salmon) gives the optimum level of texture and flavor. But you can use only smoked fish as per your desire.

a.      Ingredients Detail

                   I.            Ingredients for Mashed Potatoes

·         Potatoes (medium size chunks) 1 kg 

·         Butter two tablespoon

·         White pepper ½ teaspoons

·         Salt ½ tablespoon

·         Heavy cream 3 tablespoons

·         Milk (hot) 2 tablespoons

                II.            Ingredients for Filling

·         Full cream milk 500 ml 

·         Salmon fillets (Boneless) 2

·         Normal raw fish fillets (Boneless) 2

·         Prawns 100 g (optional)

             III.            Ingredients for White Sauce

·         Cheddar cheese 200g

·         Butter 2 tablespoon

·         White  flour 3 tablespoons

·         Salt ½ tablespoon

·         Crushed Black paper ½ teaspoons

·         Onion (medium) 1

·         Chopped leeks 2

·         Chopped parsley two tablespoon

             IV.            Ingredients for Serving

·         Frozen Pease

·         Sweat corns  

Fish Pie Recipe

Cooking Procedure

                   I.            Instructions

·         Preheat your oven to 400F

                II.            Mashed Potatoes 

·         Boil potatoes; make them cool; add all ingredients to mash potatoes

·         Mash them until it turns a smooth and creamy paste

·         Cover it and rest it aside for further use

             III.            Cooking Fish

·         Bring a pan and place on low to medium flame; pour milk into the pot and boil it

·         Now add a combination of fishes into the hot milk and cook for 15 minutes

·         If you are using prawns; add them with fish in the last minutes of cooking

·         Fish should be adequately cooked

·         Remove the fish and prawns from the milk 

·         Remove skin or bones from fish  (if any)

             IV.            White Sauce

·         Take a frying pan and add butter to it; chopped onion, parsley, and leeks.  Fry all until they turn soft, not brown

·         Now add all-purpose flour gradually and stir continuously; add milk slowly from poaching the prawns and fish. Stir continuously  

·         Add salt and pepper for seasoning; cook until it turns smooth and thick sauce( avoid lumps)

·         Turn off the heat; add half cheese and mix it well 

                V.            Assemble All

It’s time to assemble all for baking

·         Take a large baking tray; add fish and prawns flakes

·         Pour the white sauce on fish

·         Add mashed potatoes on top, spread equally with the help of a spoon or folk

·         Sprinkle the remaining half cheese on the tope

·         Put this tray into the oven for 20 minutes

·         Wait for the light brown crust

Serve with frozen Pease and sweat corns.

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